Report on Tradable Energy Quotas – A policy framework for Peak Oil and Climate Change

January 20th, 2011 by The Lean Economy Connection

(click on report cover to visit Tradable Energy Quotas report page)

The UK House of Commons All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil and Gas commissioned The Lean Economy Connection to produce the report TEQs – Tradable Energy Quotas. A Policy Framework for Peak Oil and Climate Change which was published on 18 January 2011.

Caroline Lucas MP, John Hemming MP, and Jeremy Leggett of Solar Century attended the launch of the report.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil was set up in July 2007 to review estimates of future oil production and consider the consequences of declining world oil production for the UK and world economy.

The Lean Economy Connection is an independent research centre founded by Dr David Fleming in 1994 to develop the application of lean thinking to environment policy.

Dr Fleming (1940-2010) first described the model of Tradable Energy Quotas (TEQs) in 1996.

His popular guide to Energy and the Common Purpose, Descending the Energy Staircase with TEQs, was published in 2005 (third edition, 2007). His book, Lean Logic, is forthcoming in 2011.

Shaun Chamberlin joined The Lean Economy Connection as TEQs Development Director in 2006. His superb book, The Transition Timeline, was published by Green Books in March 2009.

His wider work is detailed on his website darkOptimism which plans for a better future for a troubled world.

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