Quentin Wilson: This is the beginning of the electric car revolution. All I can say is: Bring it on.

January 13th, 2011 by Richard Lord

“Each of us was given a Mitsutishi i-MiEV and told to drive it,” said motoring expert Quentin Wilson.

“Personally, I think that this has been one of the most interesting things I have ever done in my automotive career. I approached this with a huge helping of cynicism.  To be fair I wasn’t quite convinced but 12 months, I am now standing here feeling enormously sad because I now have to give my electric car back.  It’s been that good.  In fact it has changed my life so I am uniformly positive that this is the future, certainly the short-term future of personal mobility across the world.”

Another i-MiEV electric car user said “the verdict is that electric cars are the future unquestionably.”

Another i-MiEV car user said “I am very impressed with it actually. It has been a lot better than I was expecting.”

“It’s been an excellent experience.  They’re a real pleasure to drive. Very simple to drive.”

“I had have no problems with it over the whole 12 months.”

“If I was to compare this car with my normal car, in city driving I would say it beats it hands down.”

“It’s very nippy. It is very smooth.”

“It’s not slow at all.  It’s got really good acceleration.”

“Speed-wise there has been no issue at all.”

A West Midlands police officer said “with a top speed of 80 miles per hour this isn’t a milk float. This gives our current fleet a run-for-its-money.”

“Electric cars are a lot of fun to drive.  They are very cheap to run.”

“I am so impressed with the vehicle over the trial I would certainly consider buying that vehicle rather than a petrol car.”

“It’s a thoroughly pleasant experience.”

“Its been quite a fun car to have.”  “Its been a really exciting experience. We’re really sad its going back aren’t we?”

“We are. Yes.”

“I have had 9000 miles of fun motoring and I’ll really miss the car when its gone.”

“It’s not going to be pleasant driving home in a petrol car.”

Quentin Wilson said “what have we learned.  Well, it has been uniformly positive.  People really have enjoyed using these cars and the big surprise is that some of them would cheerfully give up their petrol or diesel car and drive an EV instead.”

“This is the beginning of the beginning of the electric car revolution,” Quentin Wilson said.  “All I can say is: Bring it on.”

2 Responses to “Quentin Wilson: This is the beginning of the electric car revolution. All I can say is: Bring it on.”

  1. Rog Stewart

    Hi, Sounds like this should be my next car before the hydrogen fuel cell models from Honda hit the marketplace. I have been a Prius owner since 2001 when I made a leap of faith… and have not been disppointed! Its quiet seamless acceleration is great for towns and country lanes though it is a bit disconcerting when the petrol engine goes silent at 70 mph on motorways when electric takes over to maintain the speed gained, then kicks in again when an upward gradient appears. I loved the saloon and am now on the hatchback….. but yearn for that 100-300mpg banded about in the press since we got to 2011…. So let the development cars start hitting the highways very soon, at an affordable price mind!

  2. Pat Wisher

    Last November in the RAC Brighton to London Future Car Challenge 60 eco-friendly vehicles took part.

    The RAC has suggested that charging points for electric vehicles should be made compulsory in new building regulations. They say that this will allay the fears among the public that these cars will be difficult to own and will give a clear sign of the Government’s commitment to supporting green motoring.

    Given the huge new Bouet development I emailed Peter Sirett about this, suggesting that it would be great if Guernsey led the way and incorporated electric charging points as part of the scheme.

    I also mentioned that I had just returned from two weeks in Cyprus. Paphos (where Pat Mellor now lives) has just proposed free parking for green cars – electrics and hybrids – in their municipal car parks with a view to encouraging people to use them.

    Sad to say I got a negative response – that they “suffer from a lack of power on things like the Val des Terres and the road up from the Imperial. ”

    That may be so, but my point was that we should plan for the future (with putting in the charging points) since Guernsey must be an idea place for electric cars.

    Where is the vision?

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