The Season for Giving – home-made Sustainable gifts

December 13th, 2010 by Richard Lord

Years ago families made their own Christmas gifts but leading busy lives and with all the attractive merchandise in the shops more money is invested in buying gifts than in time making them.  And yet our time is one of the greatest gifts we have to give our family.

Helene Buckingham's home-made Christmas gifts (click image to expand)

Helene Buckingham made a beautiful hamper of home-made delicacies for members of her family.  She said everyone in her family was receiving this gift from home.  The crab apples to make the jelly and the chilies came from her garden.

I asked if people working full-time has time to make home-made gifts.  She replied that she found time to make food hampers for her whole family although she works full time.  And she spent time with her grandson who helped create the gifts with her.

Pine cone fire starters (click image to expand)

Helene Buckingham also made some pine cone fire starters.  She melted scented candle wax on pine cones and attached the pine cones to a bed of melted wax poured into paper muffin cases.

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