Minutes of the Jersey Climate Action Network meeting on 30 November 2010

December 6th, 2010 by Jeremy Harris

Present: Eight members were present, including Mark Forskitt, Jeremy Harris, Nigel Jones, Jo McAllister and Nick Palmer.

Apologies: Apologies were received from Francis Binney and Ruth Rolls.

1. Minutes:  The minutes of the meeting held on 26th October, having been previously circulated, were taken as read and were confirmed.

2. ‘In Transition’ film evening: The film evening on 24th November had been very successful, with over 50 people attending a screening of ‘In Transition’ in the Members’ Room at the Société Jersiaise. The costs of the event had been kindly sponsored by the Channel Islands Co-operative Society, and Francis would be contacting the C.I.C.S. to arrange payment and thank them for their support.

The screening of the film on 24th November had been followed by a lively discussion, at which there had been a consensus that people could take practical steps, both individually and collectively, to help change their lifestyles in the transition to a post peak oil economy. It had been decided that a workshop should be organised for a Saturday in January to give people an opportunity to discuss how to take this forward. Initially J-CAN would act as an enabler in organising the event, although in the longer term it was envisaged this ‘Jersey in Transition’ initiative would be independent of J-CAN.

Nigel was asked to book the Members’ Room at the Société Jersiaise for the afternoon of 15th January, and to check if a reduced rate was available for the hire of the room. Once confirmation of the booking had been received, Francis would e-mail those who had attended on 24th November to inform them of the date, and Maria would look into setting up a Facebook page for participants. Other interested groups could also be invited to the event, e.g. Jersey Organic Association, Jersey Fairtrade Group, Eco-Active etc. The detailed arrangements would be finalised at the next J-CAN monthly meeting, but in the meantime it was agreed the event should not be too structured, but should allow plenty of time for small group discussions, with groups being invited to keep a brief note of their discussions. It might also be possible to arrange another screening of ‘In Transition’ before the workshop, i.e. for those who would like to see it again or had been unable to attend on 24th November.

3. Cancun Conference: The next international conference on climate change would be taking place in Cancun, Mexico, from 29th November – 10th December 2010. Maria confirmed that she would organise a vigil in St. Helier, along similar lines to the one which took place in December 2009 to mark the Copenhagen Conference, but perhaps in a different location such as West’s Centre. Maria would make the necessary arrangements, including obtaining consent from the Town Hall, and would prepare a press release for issue in advance of the event that would also refer to the Cancun Conference and the Jersey in Transition initiative.

4. Public Talk: The group discussed possible topics and speakers for a public talk in the New Year, and agreed that further consideration should be given to the following suggestions –

  • Corporate Social Responsibility’ – this could be a talk aimed at the business community, drawing attention to the many ways in which businesses could take practical steps to adopt good environmental practice etc; and
  • ‘Wind Turbines: For and Against’ – this could take the form of a debate on the pros and cons of domestic wind turbines, although there might also be scope to expand this to include renewable energy in general.

5. Top Ten Tips: At the last meeting it had been decided that J-CAN should agree to the invitation from Isle News to prepare a feature on ‘Top Ten Tips to reduce carbon emissions for local businesses’. It had been decided that suggestions for inclusion in the feature should be forwarded to Mark, who would then compile a list and forward it to Isle News. It had also been decided there would be merit in compiling separate lists for four main sectors of the local economy, i.e. finance, tourism, agriculture and construction. Mark would review this in the next month, with support from Francis if needed.

6. Campaigns and Activities for 2011: The group discussed possible campaigns and activities for 2011, and agreed these should include the following –

• Raising awareness: This would be done through special events such as the ‘Wildlife Week’ at Hamptonne (28.5.11- 5.6.11), and other activities such as film evenings, public talks, press releases etc;

• Jersey in Transition: J-CAN would aim to support the Jersey in Transition initiative in its early stages;

• Copenhagen Petition: The States of Jersey had approved a report and proposition in February 2010 on ‘Climate Change: Copenhagen Conference – Petition’ (P.206/2009) and, in so doing, had agreed the Council of Ministers should ‘report back to the States within six months on how they intend to respond (to the results of the Copenhagen Conference), their report to include detailed proposals and timescales’. Publication of the response had been delayed, but the Planning and Environment had given an assurance that ‘the draft Energy White Paper and the Annual Environment Report from the Director of the Environment will jointly address the concerns raised in respect of Climate Change and also the Copenhagen Conference’, and that it was now planned the Director’s report ‘will be available in Q4 2010 and the draft Energy White Paper will be available for public consultation by Q4/Q1 2010/2011’;

• Elections in October 2011: Elections for the next States Assembly would be taking place in October 2011, and this would provide an excellent opportunity for J-CAN to raise the issues of peak oil and climate change, e.g. sending questionnaires to candidates and publishing their responses;

It was agreed that further consideration would be given at the A.G.M. in January to campaigns and activities for 2011.

7. Newsletter: The next issue of the J-CAN newsletter was planned for publication in December, and any articles or features for inclusion should be forwarded to Mark. The newsletter would include articles on Jersey in Transition, the Thermal Imaging project, the Cancun Conference, and the vigil on 11th December.

8. Date of next meeting: It was agreed the next meeting would take place on 4th January (not 28th December as previously agreed), and that Jeremy would check if the One World Centre was available. The meeting after that would be the Annual General Meeting on 25th January (Jeremy to book a suitable venue).

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