Jersey joins Transition Network and establish Jersey in Transition

December 2nd, 2010 by Nigel Jones

After the success of the showing of the film “In Transition” in St. Helier on 24 November 2010 the Jersey community has joined the Transition Network and established an ‘In Transition” movement.

The Jersey community noted that the Transition Network is not about recruiting other people, nor about persuading politicians and businesses to do something about climate change, peak oil, and the community’s lack of local resilience and dependence on outside resources.  The people who watched the film are aware of the ecology and environmental issues facing their community.  They have decided to work together to get on with initiatives and changes in their own lives that will make a difference.  The “In Transition” film describes how personal and small community actions begin to build the social cohesion that can ameliorate the challenges facing each community.

More information can be found on the Transition website, on the Jersey Climate Action Network (J-CAN) website, and on the Jersey In Transition Facebook Group page.

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