Jersey Climate Action Network’s December 2010 newsletter

December 29th, 2010 by Jersey Climate Action Network

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Almost 90% of Jersey people believe climate change is a problem, according to the Jersey annual social survey. I could hardly hope for a better headline to end 2010. It is a testament to the hard work by the committee and members. I would like to thank all of you for your magnificent support over the year.

This seems an appropriate point to make some specific thanks too. Early movers in getting our network moving were Paul and Maya. They are now in New Zealand, but the permaculture film Maya directed before she left has been shown and well received at a number of film festivals. I hear she has also recently won a script writing award.

Another couple of our regular activists, Roger and Hazel, have also moved off island. Many of you will have met them at our meetings, or collecting signatures. Thank you both for the terrific activity you put in to get us up, running and noticed.


We marked the end of the Cancun COP meeting with a candlelit vigil. The drums were brilliant, and many people stopped to read the banner. Nigel has put a few photographs on the web site of the candles laid out in a rough outline of Jersey.

The good news is that the Cancún meeting did produce some widespread agreement. The bad news is that it was much weaker than had been hoped for. We still have work to do.

Jersey In Transition

As a result of the voting on the web site we had a showing of the film In Transition 1.0. It was the same night as the GST meeting at the Fort, and the weather was appalling. Nevertheless we had an excellent turnout of nearly 60 people, and a good discussion.  There is to be a follow up open meeting Saturday 15th January 2011 – Jersey in Transition, 12.30-4.30 p.m. Members’ Room, Société Jersiaise, Pier Road, St Helier.

Alternate budget

Deputy Wimberley had a proposal to the recent States budget. It was heavily defeated, but one of his proposals was this:

“This new Fund will allow us to make those investments and reap those rewards, just as any business would.” said the Deputy. “For example, promoting healthier lifestyles will save the island a fortune in health-care costs as well as improving people’s quality of life. Greater energy efficiency in our homes and other buildings will save us a fortune in energy costs, as well as increasing the resilience and sustainability of our economy. Proven savings can go back into the Fund. It’s win-win-win and that is what this new Fund is all about.”


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