A New Year message from Transition North Cornwall

December 31st, 2010 by Paul Sousek

2011 is shaping up as the second oil crisis this century, which means it may be a tough year.

We know what to expect, we have seen it before, in 2008. Hikes in energy prices, transport costs, fertilizers, increases in food prices etc. and with that slow down of the world economy triggering another recession. That in turn will put pressure on asset values, such as houses, business premises and shares, squeezing the banks again.

However, this time the state will not play the White Knight. Instead states themselves may well need rescuing and it is not at all clear how that will be achieved, possibly triggering some kind of world financial collapse.

So the future is mostly uncertain, with the only certainty being that we will be living in a increasingly resource constrained world with a deepening energy and climate crisis and increasingly untenable financial sector. But the political, business and public world is not keeping up with the reality of negative growth and the necessary adjustments to our whole society. And that is a problem.

We believe that the Transition model offers one plausible solution and so will keep on spreading the message and building up our communities and badgering those in authority with the facts of life and the necessary actions to mitigate the worst effects.

2010 has been a good year for TNC. We’ve grown again in numbers to almost 900 friends and members, to over 1700 articles and experienced well over 1/2 million hits and over 30,000 visitors in the course of the year.

A huge thanks for your support, enthusiasm and trail-blazing that makes TransitionNC what it is.

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