Friends of the Earth warm homes campaign

November 17th, 2010 by Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth state on their website that making our homes more energy efficient is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to slash carbon dioxide emissions and help reduce the likelihood of climate change.

Our homes leak energy.  Some Guernsey people struggle to heat their homes adequately in the winter months because of the cost.  Cold, damp homes can cause illness.  Older people and children are particularly vulnerable.

Insulating our homes helps protect our health and saves on healthcare bills.  It saves on energy bills, and creates jobs for people installing insulation and draft-proofing a building.

Friends of the Earth calls for the UK government to:

  • set a minimum energy efficiency standard for private rented homes
  • make it illegal to let the worst homes from 2016 until they are improved
  • ensure all the UK’s houses are brought up to scratch by 2020
  • support landlords and homeowners to make improvements
  • ensure people know what it costs to heat a home before moving in
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