The South-West Regional Development Agency publishes Offshore Renewables Resource Assessment & Development Project Technical Report

October 10th, 2010 by South-West Regional Development Agency

The South-West Regional Development Agency leads the development of a sustainable economy in south-west England.  One of their priorities is to develop a low carbon economy.

The South-West RDA published in October 2010 a Technical Report on “Offshore Renewables Resource Assessment and Development (ORRAD) Project

A press release on the report states that ‘offshore renewable energy projects around the South West coast of England could generate enough electrical power for 5 million homes, more than double the domestic needs of the whole of the South West.’

The report looks at the potential for wave, tidal and offshore wind installations to make a major contribution to electricity generation over the next two decades.   The report, from renewable energy consultancy PMSS, says there are sufficient resources for commercial use within 50 km of the coast to deliver 9.2 Giga Watts (GW) of electricity, which is equivalent to the annual needs of 20% of UK households or 5% of the UK’s electricity needs by 2030.

Of this, 1.2GW could come from wave energy, 1.8GW from tidal stream, and 4.4GW from offshore wind, much of it from two existing offshore windfarms planned in the Bristol Channel and off the Dorset coast. A further 2.5GW could come from deep-water floating windfarms.

The full report is available from the South-West RDA website.

(Click image to download 6.6 mb report)

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