E-Si Ltd. launches campaign ‘What’s the payback?’

October 1st, 2010 by Paul Fletcher

E-Si Ltd. has launched a competition to find out if the Island of Guernsey, and the public of the world knows what the true payback for renewable energy technology is.

3000 postcards have been sent out and there is a three part answer to the question.  Postcards can be downloaded from the E-Si Ltd. website.

E-Si Ltd. CEO Paul Fletcher with one of the 'What's the payback?' postcards which was mailed to 3000 recipients

The recipient needs to fill in the three answers and send it back FREEPOST to the address pre-printed on the postcard.

E-Si Ltd. will compile and scan every entry card and post it on the “What’s the Payback?” Facebook page. The aim is to stimulate debate and interest and solutions to the deep issues planet earth faces at this time in its history. Whether its deepening economic woe, climate change, peak oil, the Middle East, terrorism, disappearing species, poverty, lack of water for some and too much for others, we need a collective world vision to take human society beyond its present situation. In one sense we’ve never had it better! However we could quickly go the route of other failed societies in the past.

The winner of the competition gets a day trip to Sark, with a free lunch for two, a delightful carriage ride and a tour of the Clos Bourel Energy Project, plus free entrance to our Eco-home workshops to be held in the spring worth £150. There will be three runner’s up winning a place on the workshop and 10 runner’s up will win solar powered torches.

On 11 November 2010 at the OGH Hotel in St Peter Port, Guernsey beginning at 4pm there will be an opportunity to view the latest renewable energy equipments from ground source heat pumps to solar photovoltaics and talk directly to UK technical staff as well as our Renewable Energy Engineers.

Each speaker will be putting their personal spin on what they think the ‘payback’ for Renewables is.

We will be filming the event and uploading the resultant informative film to You Tube.

UK Renewable Energy Company Exhibitors

Solar Century – photovoltaic roof tiles.

Ice Energy – Ground, Air and Water Source heat pumps by Mitsubishi and IVT.

Riomay – advanced solar thermal collectors by NEG

Wind and Sun – solar photovoltaics and inverters by BP Solar, Romag, SMA.

Evinox – Advanced Hot Water Tanks by Geminox

Warmworld – Intelligent Heat Controls, see the ‘Dataterm’

Swift Renewable Devices – Wind Turbines

Uponor – energy efficient piping by Unipipe and Ecoflex

The “What’s the payback?” campaign will culminate in an evening seminar beginning at 8 pm at the OGH Hotel with keynote speaker Andrew Hillier, CEO of Ice Energy UK, the largest distributor of heat pumps in the UK.  To book a place at the seminar call 01481 200388 or email: payback(at)e-si.com

For rules of the competition please visit the E-Si Ltd. website or links to E-Si Ltd.’s Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages. You don’t need to be a Facebook user to access the E-Si Ltd.’s Facebook page.

The Winner of the Competition will be announced and the answers to the question will be revealed to the public at a press conference beginning at midday on 18 November 2010 on the headland overlooking the island of Paradis with all of our beautiful Channel Islands in view.

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