Aladdin’s Cave generously support G-CAN’s environmental initiatives by donating income from plastic bag sales

October 8th, 2010 by Rosie

Aladdin’s Cave Ltd. donate the proceeds of their sale of plastic shopping bags to Guernsey Climate Action Network for their work to make Guernsey more sustainable.

In 2008 Aladdin’s Cave Ltd. sold 12,043 plastic bags, which raised £601.62.

In 2009 plastic bag sales increased to 17,154 and £857.06 was donated to G-CAN.

During the third quarter of 2010 Aladdin’s Cave Ltd. donated a further £181.44 to G-CAN, which represents the sale of 3631 plastic bags.

G-CAN and Sustainable Guernsey would prefer shoppers to bring re-usable bags whenever possible to reduce the number of single-use plastic shopping bags that end up as waste.

However, G-CAN is enormously grateful to Aladdin’s Cave Ltd. for making its regular donation in support of environmental initiatives.

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