A proposal for a combined solid and liquid waste treatment facility at the Longue Hougue land reclamation site in Guernsey

October 18th, 2010 by Dick Bilborough

A map showing a proposed combined solid and liquid waste treatment facility for Longue Hougue (click image to expand to full size)

The proposal calls for constructing a sewage pipeline from the Belle Greve pumping station near the Red Lion to Longue Hougue were liquid waste would be treated to EU standards in Zone 1 before being discharged into the sea.

Zone 2 would be set aside for combustible waste such as treated wood to be stored temporarily before being exported possibly to Jersey or before being put through a micro-incinerator on Longue Hougue.

Zone 3 has been set aside for a micro-incinerator but it may be possible instead to ship combustible residual waste to the Jersey incinerator at La Collette.

Zone 4 on the map would be for an in-vessel composter and anaerobic digester to treat food waste and other putrescible waste.

Zone 5 would include an area for existing waste handling and recycling companies and for a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) to extract recyclable material and further reduce the residual waste tonnage.

Zone 6 on the map would be for a civic amenity facility and a scavenging yard.  This would hopefully be a covered area for people to bring material that is good enough for reuse.

The animal carcass incinerator would remain on Longue Hougue.   The Victorian abbatoir on Castle breakwater in St Peter Port is being closed.  A new abbatoir to replace it can be built alongside the animal carcass incinerator on Longue Hougue.

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