World Car Free Day is 22 September 2010

September 8th, 2010 by Richard Lord

Fed up getting up early only to be stuck in traffic?  Frustrated when someone lets another car in ahead of you when you’re in a rush?

Bumper to bumper traffic on Vauvert heading to the St Peter Port waterfront on 8 September 2010 (click image to expand)

Fed up driving around endlessly trying to find a parking space or when you see a space one on the other side of the car park but can’t get there before another driver takes it?

Waiting in-line to park on the Albert Quay in July 2010 (click image to expand)

Fed-up with the high cost of car insurance?  Fed-up with the high cost of new tires?  Fed-up with high fuel bills?

There is another way that is much cheaper and much healthier.  And to make the journey more pleasant for people who do need to use their car find out if you can car share with someone in your neighbourhood or take the bus.  Guernsey roads were not designed for over 86,000 vehicles.  Year-after-year traffic delays get worse and worse.  Increasing traffic volumes are not sustainable.

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