Guernsey’s Public Services Department reports an upsurge in milk carton recycling due to Wash and Squash Schools Campaign

September 30th, 2010 by States of Guernsey Public Services Department

At the mid-way point, the Public Services Department (PSD) is pleased to report an unprecedented level of awareness and participation in this year’s Wash and Squash schools’ recycling campaign.

The unique campaign, jointly led by HSBC Securities Services (Guernsey) Limited (HSSG) and PSD, encourages primary school children to recycle paper-based liquid food and drinks cartons.

HSSG has made a £15,000 prize fund available for recycling ‘winners’ who can win a donation for their school. To enter, each child places a sticker with their name and school on every carton they recycle.

Every two weeks, PSD draws two winning cartons during the recycling process to award the winning school monies and the pupil a prize. 14 primary schools in Guernsey participated.

Rachel Taylor, Business Development Manager for HSB Custody Services (Guernsey) Ltd., selects school winners (click image to expand)

Tina Norman-Ross, Recycling Officer at PSD explains “Frossard House staff have had many extra requests for labelling stickers, proving children are keen to win money for their school and are also keen to recycle.”

“Mayside Recycling has seen a marked uptake in named cartons being delivered from the thirty HSBC branded recycling bins at our collection ‘supersites’. The year-on-year increase we’ve seen is a 25 per cent increase in milk carton recycling comparing June 2009 to June 2010 – to over 12 tonnes; of which a tremendous number have been labelled and recycled by local school pupils.”

The campaign has continued throughout the summer holidays, with a keen response as confirmed by staff at Mayside, who further reported a steady stream of cartons throughout July and August.

Additional feedback from recent PSD attended events has been that children are encouraging their extended family, including grandparents, to wash and label milk cartons also.

Hayley Saunders at HSSG said “It’s really encouraging to see this kind of response at the mid-way point of Wash and Squash, we are delighted to be helping to support local schools receive much-needed funds, as well as helping to promote how to make our island a greener place.”

All winning schools and pupils will continue to be notified throughout the campaign, for the Autumn term, with winning school names also being posted on wash and squash website.

The award of the final monies will take place at the end of October, once the competition has finished.

Wash & Squash is a joint scheme between the public and private sectors.

The carton collection bins, located at Guernsey’s eight main recycling bring bank sites, have been facilitated through HSSG, Tetra Pak, a packaging manufacturer, and the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment UK (‘ACE UK’).

Cartons are collected from the bring banks by States Works and delivered to Mayside Recycling where they are baled and made ready to be transported to the Orebro recycling mill in Sweden. The recovered material can be used in a whole host of different products, and those from Guernsey will go into making plasterboard liner.

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