WHAT IS 10:10:10?

August 22nd, 2010 by 1010

10:10 has joined forces with international campaigning heavyweights 350.org to co-ordinate 10:10:10 – a global day of doing.

On 10th October 2010, thousands of individuals, families, schools, businesses and other organisations worldwide will take simple steps to save energy and reduce their emissions. These ordinary actions, combined with iconic events, will make an extraordinary difference. Not only will they cut carbon directly; they will also send a powerful message to world leaders that people and organisations everywhere are ready to tackle climate change.

Last year, 350.org coordinated 5,200 events in 181 countries, and this year the focus is all about positive, practical action. There are already 1,300 events registered, from bike repair workshops in San Francisco to solar panel installations in Nairobi, Kenya. Meanwhile a series of bold, high-profile events are being hatched to show the diversity of people rolling up their sleeves and solving the problem. For example, world leaders will be installing solar panels on their houses, celebrities will be eco-retrofitting their homes, and more governments will hopefully follow the UK’s lead and commit to cut their emissions by 10%. In Holland and France, national TV shows will ask the public to phone in with carbon-cutting pledges and adding up the total carbon saved, in the spirit of cash-raising telethons.

Here in the UK, from Cosmopolitan magazine and hit TV shows, to your local church or pub, everyone will be taking practical steps to cut their carbon. 10th October will also be marked by cinemas, cameramen, theatres, technicians and big names from the world of showbiz signing up to do 10:10, setting a new benchmark for the arts.

On the big day, we’ll be live streaming your carbon-cuting actions, both online, through major media sites and on screens in public landmarks.

10:10:10 is bolstered by the support of 350.org, Greenpeace, Oxfam, the GCCA, and Wangari Mathaai’s Green Belt Movement organisation.

The third page of the 10:10:10 briefing paper provides a list of ways that you can mark 10:10:10 and the week leading up to it.

Ecomodo, set-up by a Guernsey resident, supports 10:10:10.  Ecomodo provides the tool for Guernsey residents to borrow the resources they require.  Ecomodo knows that by borrowing the equipment and materials you need instead of buying them you reduce carbon emissions.  Visit Ecomodo to see how it can help you reduce your carbon emissions and your expenses.

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