Wecycle’s smart new kerbside recycling lorry

August 4th, 2010 by Richard Lord

The Wecycle kerbside recycling collection lorry is well-designed with closed compartments for paper and cardboard collection, and open cage compartments for plastic 1 (PET or PETE) and plastic 2 (HDPE or PE), tins and cans, milk and juice cartons, and for glass bottles.

Wecycle lorry caged compartments for clean recyclable material

Wecycle's kerbside recycling lorry with compartments to separate the recyclable material that can be collected. The compartments can be tilted hydraulically to shed their load onto the floor of the receiving halls at Mayside Recycling Ltd. and the Fontaine Vinery waste segregation facility (click image to expand)

The flatbed of the lorry can be hydraulically tilted so that the compartments can dispense their load of recyclates to the receiving hall at Mayside Recycling Ltd. or at the Fontaine Vinery waste segregation facility.

While the lorry was parked on Les Vardes during a light shower a home owner came out to ask if the company provided a kerbside recycling collection service.  There is genuine enthusiasm for this service in Guernsey.

What is so impressive is the quality of the recyclable material Wecycle is collecting.  It is clean; there is no odour unlike the bring bank containers that are often sticky and dirty from the uncleaned recyclable material that some people deposit in them.  The odour caused by unwashed recyclable material attracts wasps to some bring banks during the summer months.

Dealing with Wecycle is a pleasure.  Wecycle collects good quality recyclable material because the people who use their service take pride in making their community the best it can be.

Call 265508 or visit their website to sign-up to Wecycle’s kerbside recycling collection service.

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