Waitrose to meet local producers on 22 September 2010

August 2nd, 2010 by Barry Cash

The Guernsey Chamber of Commerce has been informed that Waitrose are holding a ‘Meet the Buyer’ event organised by the States of Guernsey Commerce & Employment Department on Wednesday 22rd September 2010 at the St. Pierre Park Hotel.

This event is by appointment only and is an opportunity to discuss with Waitrose the supply of local products to their two new stores which open in 2011.

Please open this document for a list of the goods and services required.  Please register your interest to supply Waitrose by informing Jennie Gill on 01481 213034 or email jennie.gill(at)commerce.gov.gg

She will supply you with the appropriate form to fill out, which has to be sent to a Waitrose supplied email address by 13 September 2010.  Waitrose will then respond and indicate what the next steps are.

Waitrose uses a standard form for all their initial interactions with prospective suppliers whenever they are opening a new store. The more completed it is, the easier it is for Waitrose to assess the merits and suitability of the potential suppliers.

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