Increasing number of Guernsey companies looking to be energy efficient

August 20th, 2010 by Amalgamated Facilities Management

MORE and more companies in the Channel Islands are looking to reduce the energy they consume.

AFM, which specialises in energy monitoring and measurement and advises companies on ways to reduce consumption, has seen demand for its services increasing year by year.

‘We have seen a definite shift towards companies in all industry sectors becoming more environmentally aware. Whether it’s simply by installing sensors on their lights or investing in comprehensive study, more and more companies are recognising that a relatively small amount of time and expenditure can have enormous benefits,’ said AFM commercial director Darren Etasse.

The facilities management company, which works across the Channel Islands, has linked up with Emu Systems to organise a seminar on energy monitoring and measurement. It takes place in Guernsey on 24th August and in Jersey on 25th August.

‘Emu has a fantastic piece of technology known as the edd:e system which captures energy consumption data from each circuit within the electrical distribution board and identifies patterns and trends. This data is then used to create a report which allows customers to make informed decisions on how they can optimise their energy consumption and reduce costs,’ said Mr Etasse.

‘Most companies are amazed by how much energy they are using and often wasting. Leaving office equipment or the tills and illuminated displays in a shop on overnight soon adds up but because we can’t see the meter increasing, we don’t think about it. The edd:e system is so effective that it has identified ways to reduce electricity consumption by up to 27%.’

Mr Etasse said that reducing energy consumption has many benefits.

‘Obviously there is a cost benefit as using less energy will save money and then there is also the environmental benefits which of course aren’t so visible but it is well documented that reducing energy consumption means less carbon dioxide is produced to create that energy. Finally once a company has taken the first step and realises that it is easier than they thought, they are then interested to know what else they can do and this in turn encourages staff to take what they have learnt and apply it in their homes.’

Places for the Guernsey seminar, which takes place at the Peninsula Hotel, can be booked by contacting Demi Lee Dawson on 01481 252111 or emailing [email protected]

Places for the Jersey seminar, which takes places at the Grand Hotel, can be booked by contacting Victoria Green on 01534 877688 or emailing [email protected] .

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