Guernsey Electricity Ltd. adopts vehicle of the future

August 4th, 2010 by Guernsey Electricity Ltd.

Guernsey Electricity has taken another step to reduce its carbon footprint by adding a new electric van to its fleet of service vehicles.

A new Citroën Nemo van, which has been converted to electric drive by Guernsey based firm the Electric Vehicles Company, is being trialled at Guernsey Electricity. The vehicle runs on a 15kW battery using lithium ion technology, the same resource that powers most mobile phones.

The battery is contained in a module underneath the vehicle whilst the traction motor and control equipment are fitted in the original engine area, leaving the load space unaffected. It is equipped with regenerative braking and a highly sophisticated battery and engine management unit which can monitor and govern the use of each individual cell in the battery, thus maximising both range and battery life.

Guernsey Electricity’s commercial contracting manager, Vince Smith said his team are currently trialling the vehicle: “Not only is it more environmentally friendly than conventional vehicles but the performance of the van is wholly suited to the island with a range in the area of 50 to 80 miles, a top speed governed to 60mph and a recharge time from flat of 8 hours.”

Vince Smith of Guernsey Electricity Ltd. drives the new Citroen Nemo van (click image to expand)

The vehicle’s battery is expected to cope with up to 3000 charge / discharge cycles, long enough to work for the life of the vehicle. The new vehicle’s running costs are estimated to be between 1p and 1.5p per mile, which compares favourably with petrol or diesel powered alternatives. It is will also further help the company’s green credentials as the vehicle can be recharged overnight on mainly carbon free electricity.

Steve Morris, engineering director at Guernsey Electricity, highlighted that the company has been looking into electric traction for the last thirty years: “We feel that battery technology has now improved sufficiently that electric vehicles are potentially a viable option for businesses in Guernsey.

“We are hoping that this trial goes well as electric vehicles are ideally suited to small islands like Guernsey and the widespread adoption of this technology would be a huge step in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.”

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