Professor John Whitelegg, Professor of Sustainable Transport, speaks about the benefits of bicycling

July 29th, 2010 by Richard Lord

John Whitelegg is visiting Professor of Sustainable Transport at John Moores University in Liverpool and Professor of Sustainable Development at University of York‘s Stockholm Environment Institute.

John Whitelegg is also MD of Eco-Logica Ltd., a transport consultancy based in Lancaster.

“If you are a car driver in Copenhagen you really are costing a lot of money and you’re draining the budget and a cyclist is adding to it.”  We can do more of the research that shows these financial flows but then we have to talk in terms of one extra cyclist is good for the bank balance and one extra motorist is bad for the bank balance.  Politicians do understand that language… physical activity is an important part of dealing with the obesity epidemic.  People are interested in health and we are not yet really communicating clearly enough to the public that this is a public health disaster.  Out there is a public health disaster and cycling can help to solve it.”

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