Biodiversity to grow at Guernsey Post

July 12th, 2010 by Guernsey Post Ltd.

Gordon Steele, Chief Executive of Guernsey Post Ltd. with Jackie Wenman, Chairwoman of Guernsey Post Ltd. Environment Committee, and Peter Le Messurier, Garden Maintenance Foreman and Matthew Kerr, Manager, of Grow Ltd.

Grow Ltd has been working with Guernsey Post to develop a biodiversity area at Envoy House in the Vrangue. The area of land between Guernsey Post’s main building and the road has been carefully encouraged to develop naturally, providing a good environment for plants and flowers.

The area will be a haven for insects vital to improving biodiversity, and is particularly significant given its position in an urban area of the island.

Guernsey Post asked Grow Ltd to do the work as part of their regular contract to maintain the grounds of Envoy House.

Chief executive Gordon Steele said, “Our impact on the environment is a big concern for Guernsey Post, and we try many things to minimise waste and energy usage. Utilising the land surrounding Envoy House for a project like this is a positive contribution to the wellbeing of our island.”

The project has been organised by Guernsey Post’s environment committee, and chair of the committee, Jackie Wenman said: “We felt it was important to do something constructive with this piece of land, and with 2010 being nominated as the year of biodiversity by the United Nations, we decided to focus on creating a space for local wildlife, particularly birds and insects.”

Biodiversity, the variety of life on earth, is vital to ensuring the future health of the planet. Human activity, particularly the destruction of natural habitats, is responsible for the reduction in biodiversity in many parts of the world.

“We can all play a part in safeguarding biodiversity on Guernsey. Plants, birds and insects are essential for maintaining balance in our environment. Businesses have a responsibility to the island to minimise our impact, but all islanders can contribute to maintaining biodiversity by being watchful for litter, making space in gardens to encourage insects and birds and looking after hedge rows and grass banks.”

Manager Matthew Kerr from Grow Ltd said: “We are pleased to be working with Guernsey Post to maintain the grounds at Envoy House. Developing a new biodiversity area was an interesting challenge for our workers and we look forward to continuing to support the business’s environmental initiatives in the future.”

For more information on the services Grow Ltd could provide your business please contact Grow Ltd on 721865.

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