The Mont Cuet wind blown litter, odour, and vermin problem must be dealt with

June 16th, 2010 by Vale Douzaine

The Vale Douzaine is very concerned that problems at the refuse tip at Mont Cuet will increase as it nears full capacity.

At a recent meeting, the Douzaine agreed to make public its fears about the tip, whose recent problems have included wind blown rubbish, which can be a risk to animals as well as being unpleasant, a problem with rats and scavenging seagulls and the terrible rotting refuse smell, combined with escaping methane, which wafts across the parish on the prevailing wind.

The rat and seagull population has grown because thousands of tonnes of food waste are deposited into the Mont Cuet landfill every year- click image to expand

The Douzaine members are very concerned that these problems are damaging to the Parish and to the island, which at times of financial difficulty should be attracting visitors, and not scaring them away.  L’Ancresse is one of the island’s most beautiful sandy bays and the Common is one of the few big open spaces the island has left; yet the smell which blows across them can be extremely unpleasant.

The waste paper which flies across the common from the tip was highlighted recently by Douzaine vice-dean Rosemary Henry and the members’ fear is that problems like these are likely to get worse as the rubbish in the tip reaches ground level – and above.

Wind blown plastic bags from the Mont Cuet landfill - clear polyethylene is recycable

The douzeniers recognise that the island’s refuse has to go somewhere, but just because that somewhere has always been in the north of the island does not mean that we should put up with unacceptable nuisance.  We expect the Director of Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation, Mrs. V. Cameron, will enforce the landfill site management regulations laid down under the new Environmental Pollution (Waste Control and Disposal) Ordinance 2010.  The Public Services Department should recognise the significant impact that the landfill site is now having on the parish.

Members of the Douzaine have heard rumours that the landfill site will be raised to a height of 25 metres above road level over the next few years, and this would be totally unacceptable to the Douzaine and the parish.

Parishioners and others who experience problems with smell, vermin or wind blow litter from the tip should contact Mrs. Cameron at the Department of Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation, Longue Rue, St. Martin.

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