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Increases Proposed to Bus Fares to Reduce Subsidy – Period of Public Consultation closes on 9 July 2010

June 25th, 2010 by States of Guernsey Environment Department

The Environment Department has announced its intention to introduce a series of changes to the structure of fares for travellers on scheduled Guernsey bus services. Whilst fare increases are proposed, passengers will still be able to travel for as little as 50 pence by bulk buying journeys on the Ormer Card.

Under the new fare structure, a single bus journey will be increased from 60p to £1, with fare reductions for regular bus users who purchase Ormer cards of twenty or fifty journeys. There will, at this time, be no change to the existing free concessionary fares that apply to OAPs and certain school children. It is anticipated that changes will be implemented from 1st August.

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e-si Solar Workshop on 21 June 2010

June 25th, 2010 by Paul Fletcher

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The presentation can be downloaded by clicking on Solar Workshop Presentation1 20Jun10.

Public Services unveils waste strategy plan

June 24th, 2010 by States of Guernsey Public Services Department

GUERNSEY’S new waste strategy will be based on the widest public consultation the island has ever seen.

The public, businesses, parishes, private waste contractors, and other key stakeholders will help shape the island’s future waste management through a programme of workshops, exhibitions and extensive communications. These will form a key part of the ten step process being used to develop the new strategy, which is based on a method that has been used successfully for similar projects in the UK but adapted for Guernsey.

The Department also plans to set up a community group to oversee the main activity in the consultation process. This forum is likely to include States Members, as well as representatives of the public, parishes, businesses organisations and environmental groups.

Public Services Deputy Minister, Deputy Scott Ogier, who is heading up the development of the new strategy, said the forum reflected the inclusive nature of the programme.

‘We have spent the past few weeks working on a process that will enable us to deliver a new waste strategy that reflects the views of as wide a cross-section of the island as possible. It is really for the community to decide what involvement they should have in that,’ he said.

‘The hope though is that the process will be as inclusive as possible, so that islanders are not just part of the process, they help to drive it. It will not be our process, it will be the community’s, and it will not be the States waste strategy but the island’s waste strategy,’ he said.

The public workshops will provide input at key stages in the process. This will begin with defining the criteria to be used in assessing any future waste management solution.

Further workshops will provide input on potential solutions that should be explored and any that should be ruled out at an early stage. Public feedback will also be sought when options are evaluated, and on the final decision-making.

The results of each of the workshops will also be communicated through exhibitions and other communications, to enable further feedback from the public.

The Department is planning to begin the workshop programme in September, to avoid the summer holiday period. However the process has already begun, with presentations to a number of groups outlining how the new strategy is being developed and inviting initial feedback.

The groups have included Chamber of Commerce and the Waste Industry Forum, which represents local waste management contractors, both of which have had presentations this week.

The Department will also be meeting with parish Douzaines, the Construction Industry Forum, and other groups in the next few weeks.

Public Services will also be using the intervening time to work on identifying potential options that could form part of the new strategy.

For example, last week Deputy Ogier attended the main UK waste industry conference in London, along with staff from the Department.

‘There are a number of key elements of the process which we can progress now that will speed up the later stages,’ he said. Deputy Ogier said the Department needed to work quickly, but also ensure the answers arrived at were the right ones.

‘We are serious about consulting with the community, and having them actively part of the process. That might mean taking a little more time, but we have to do this right,’ he said.

Public Services hopes to return to the States with a draft waste strategy in the first half of 2011.

The Beauty and Biodiversity of Guernsey’s Hedgerows

June 23rd, 2010 by Isabel Farrell

I have just come back from a week in west Cork, Ireland.  I am acutely aware of the contrast in hedgerows between my native country and here, my adored home for the past 10 years, with it’s shorn hedgerows.

I had forgotten what hedgerows look like in June left to nature’s incredulous designs; a wild mass of lusciousness, colourful, scenting and elegant. These flowers striped from our roadsides, their names almost forgotten, I have had to refer to ‘A Child’s Guide to Wild Flowers’ published by the Eden project to recall their identity. Therefore, with respect I can now identify each beauty as sweet smelling honeysuckle, smelly herby pink and white yarrow, trailing bell-like white bindweed, white and pink campions, tiny pink musky scented herb Robert, beautiful wild roses, torn and tattered pink ragged robin, tall ox-eyed daisies, gracious foxgloves, tall ribwort, bees favorite white and red clovers, edible pignut, pink smoky fumitory, red valerium, orange montbretia, poppys, blue scabious, purple knapweed and elegant grasses of many shades and shapes.

Are we aware that because of legal requirements we strip away the framework for our beautiful countryside, let alone the habitat for the many birds, bees and tiny beasties that we should protect (for our own self protection) in our so vulnerable eco system? I need to be safe on the roads; I have 3 young children. I love tidiness and order (not possible with 3 young children!). However, I know that managing our road side hedges is possible combined with the respect, knowledge and appreciation for the essential (let alone aesthetic) reasons for nurturing our natural hedgerows.

I call for a review of our biannual hedge cuts… anyone else interested? Contact me if you care via:  ifarrell (at)

Minutes of the Jersey Climate Action Network meeting on 29 June 2010

June 23rd, 2010 by Jeremy Harris

J-CAN have a meeting on 29 June 2010 at the Frances Le Sueur Centre (near 3 on the map), Les Mielles, St. Ouen, Jersey, which begins at 8.00 pm.


1.    Minutes: to approve the minutes of the meeting held on 25 May

2.    Matters arising

3.    J-CAN survey of election candidates: survey results and media coverage

4.    West Show (1o & 11 July 2010)

5.    Grass Roots Festival (31 July): to consider whether to have a J-CAN stand at the event.

6.    Sark: ‘Dark Sky’ status

7.    Film evening: to agree on date, venue, and films.

8.    Treasurer’s report / fundraising

9.    Website/ Facebook

10.  Newsletter: next issue July

11.   Date of next meeting: Tuesday 27 July at 8.00 pm at Frances Le Sueur Centre

12.  Any other business.

For more information about J-CAN please contact Jeremyharris (@)

JMEH/ 20.06.10

Tidal Power in Guernsey – How Realistic is the Possibility? Presentation to the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce by the Guernsey Renewable Energy Commission

June 22nd, 2010 by Richard Lord

Former Concorde pilot and lawyer Richard Babbé and businessman Jeremy Thompson of the Guernsey Renewable Energy Commission gave presentations on marine renewable energy to the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce luncheon on 21 June 2010.

Former Concorde pilot and lawyer Richard Babbé begins the presentation on Guernsey's marine renewable energy potential and the work of the GREC

Richard Babbé began his presentation by saying that the Guernsey Renewable Energy Commission (GREC) was only a shadow commission at the moment.  There was no statutory framework yet and that GREC’s mission was to establish that framework for the orderly development of marine renewable energy production in the Guernsey territorial sea.

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Tree Care Session at Val des Terre at 9.30 am on 26 June

June 21st, 2010 by Andrew McCutcheon

The top of Val des Terres

I would like to invite you to come along to a Tree Care session at the top of the Val des Terres, this Saturday 26th June at 9.30am to do some weeding and cutting.  Please bring shears, hooks, secateurs, and knives, and bring your partners too!  Also please bring gloves and long sleeved clothing as there’s hogweed in the field planted with trees by the Partners Group and supported by the Tree Wardens.

The trees need to see the light of day

Guernsey Tree Warden Co-ordinator Andrew McCutcheon cutting tall grasses and plants that are crowding planted trees

Have you got a Treasured Tree? Presentation by Jon Stokes, Director of Rural Programmes, The Tree Council, UK

June 21st, 2010 by Andrew McCutcheon

Jon Stokes, Director of Rural Programmes, for The Tree Council in the UK is giving a presentation on Treasured Trees on Wednesday 30 June 2010 at 8 pm at the Frossard Theatre, Candie Gardens, St. Peter Port.

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Book Tickets from Guernseytickets.   Cost is £10 which includes Guernsey Men of The Trees membership for 2010.  For Tree Wardens and Guernsey Men of The Trees members cost is £5.00.

For Further information please contact Andrew McCutcheon on 07781 110180 or email treeman (at)

This event is supported by the Insurance Corporation and the Tree Warden Scheme Guernsey and The Guernsey Society of the Men of The Trees.

Please click PDF to download a flyer about this presentation.

e-si Solar & Renewable Energy Workshop on 21 June 2010

June 17th, 2010 by Paul Fletcher

Click image to enlarge

Grid Connection, Buy Back and Metering Issues – Now and into the Future

Proposed Programme

12.28 – Meet at La Grande Mare Hotel – Sun moves South

12.30 – Introduction by Paul Fletcher CEO of E-Si

12.40 – Head for tour of system, 2 mins drive away – we will have transport to share

12.45 – Tour of Mr and Mrs Galpin’s solar systems

1.12 – Sun at its highest point over Guernsey in year

1.15 – Back at La Grande Mare – settle in get some refreshments

1.20 – Presentation of the issues and facts by Paul Fletcher of E-Si

1.30 – Discussion and Consultation

1.50 – Roundup

2.00 – Finish

Some Facts, Figure and Trivia:

  • The highest point of the sun is 13.12 in Guernsey, taking into account the ‘equation of time’.
  • This happens 12 minutes later in Guernsey after Greenwich.
  • The time the sun will be highest in the sky over Guernsey has a 12 second difference between Town to Torteval (north to south), i.e. the speed of the sun is such that it takes just 12 seconds to speed across the width of the island.
  • 11.28am UTC is when the sun transits from its Northern Limit and starts heading South – The Summer Solstice. This could happen in the early hours or the late hours of the day from year to year.
  • In GMT this will be 12.28pm on Monday 21st the Summer Solstice and the Longest Day of the Year.
  • In some traditions the solstice marks the beginning of summer, and figures such as St John the Baptist and the Green Man are celebrated on this day.
  • Known as ‘Jani’s Day’ in Latvia.
  • At the highest point, the maximum amount of solar energy is available, peaking at this time.

Thanks to David Le Conte of the Astronomy Section of La Société Guernesiase for the science.

You are invited to discuss with the people who matter and make a difference to our Clean Energy Future

I am organising this workshop to allow meaningful dialogue and consultation between all interested parties.

The idea to is to listen, then act at an appropriate stage in the future with full consideration.

E-Si were the first business to install photovoltaic and wind systems that produce electricity and connect it to the grid in the Channel Islands.

Think Electric, Think Change, Think Solar.

Planet Earth is at a pivotal point in its history.

Oil powers the economy, this is a problem. This has to change.

The most significant energy move the world can make is to install solar electric panels everywhere, throw out oil and gas boilers and install electric heat pumps for heating homes and hot water. Next look at tidal turbines in the sea. There’s many other things to do, too numerous to mention but includes loft and wall insulation.

To build a better world the world needs to invest in technology that underpins the economy sustainably, ad-infinitum, not fossil fuels that are running out and contribute to unrest in the middle east higher energy prices, spiralling inflation and power credit crunch. The Future is Electric, the Future is ‘Renewable’, i.e. an economy based on electricity that can be made again and again, and continually renews itself. Solar energy, the wind and the tide, the ground we walk on the air we breathe provides for more energy than we need from the Sun, the Moon and the Earth.

However what are the barriers to uptake? Simply put: comprehension of the technology, issues that surround the technologies and how we treat it and work with it. The issue is not the technology itself, but how we deal with it. A fundamental paradigm shift is required: Think Differently. Throw out the old ways of seeing things.

Guernsey is lagging big-time behind Europe and the UK. Whilst the UK public, the utilities, the manufacturers, the government are getting stuck in to renewables implementation, and realising (slowly) the key to economic growth is through clean-tech, Guernsey does not even know what clean-tech is! The US has woken up to an oil disaster nightmare, the US administration sees the writing on the wall for oil and is pushing green solutions. Guernsey needs to follow suite in a way that is appropriate for its needs, size and population.

We have organised a workshop to enable a voice that needs to be spoken and a means to stimulate understanding and change. The focus will be on the real issues that affect uptake.

You are invited to attend. Commences 12.28pm La Grande Mare car park, as the sun begins it journey southward.

Contact: Paul Fletcher – 07781 137 361 – email:  paul(at)

“A Walk with the Bees” in St Martin Parish on Saturday 26 June 2010

June 16th, 2010 by John Nicolle

A walk with the Bees – Marchier à Cànté Les Aises’ takes place on the afternoon of Saturday 26 June.

Walk groups start between 2 pm and 2.15 pm.

The cost is £4.00 and includes afternoon tea and walk notes

Park at the Jerbourg car park (marshals will be on hand to help with parking.  No parking is available on Calais Road.

Afternoon teas will be served in the spectacular clifftop garden at Maison de la Bataille (courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Brairs) where a demonstration bee hive will be set-up and various bee products will be available for sale.

The walking route involves cliff paths with steps (mostly down) so people will need to be reasonably capable to undertake the walk.

Members of the Guernsey Beekeepers’ Association and the Floral Guernsey team will accompany walkers to point out special features of general and bee keeping interest.

This event provides funds for the Guernsey Beekeepers’ Association & the Floral Guernsey Committee.