HSBC Securities Services in Guernsey and the Public Services Department launch ‘Lucky Dip’ style recycling campaign

June 8th, 2010 by States of Guernsey Public Services Department

Following last year’s success, HSBC Securities Services (Guernsey) Limited (HSSG) and the States Public Services Department (PSD) are delighted to relaunch the schools’ recycling initiative, Wash and Squash, to encourage young islanders to recycle even more paper-based liquid food and drinks cartons.

PSD Recycling Officer Tina Norman-Ross, Rachel Taylor from HSBC, and Guernsey school children participating in the Wash & Squash milk and juice carton recycling initiative (click image to expand)

The initiative, launched today, will run for 20 weeks in 14 Guernsey schools throughout the summer term, drawing to a close in October 2010. To encourage recycling, HSSG has made £15,000 available to recycling winners in a ‘Lucky Dip’ style draw.  Tina Norman-Ross, Recycling Officer from PSD explains, “Each child at each school will be responsible for placing a sticker detailing their school and name on every carton they recycle. Every two weeks, PSD will draw a winning carton during the recycling process and award the winning school and pupil a prize.  It’s a great competition and one which will hopefully engage the imagination of children and help them understand the importance of recycling.”

Tina will visit participating schools to present the Wash and Squash initiative and there are high hopes that the competition will build on the success of last year where 160 tonnes of beverage cartons were collected for recycling.

Paul Keltie, Head of Fund Administration at HSSG said “The Wash and Squash scheme is one of great importance for Guernsey. The treatment of the island’s waste is a pressing matter. We really want to encourage and support the participating schools to make a real difference, which is why we made a prize pot available.”

PSD Recycling Officer Tina Norman-Ross added “The response from the schools and parents has been excellent. We are very grateful to HSSG for its generous contribution and assistance, which has ensured the scheme can run smoothly and continue.”

Guernsey school children having fun squashing milk cartons at Mayside Recycling (click image to expand)

Winning schools and pupils will be notified throughout the campaign and awarding of the final monies will take place in October, once the competition has finished.

The Wash & Squash Scheme is a joint initiative between the public and private sectors.  The carton collection bins, located at Guernsey’s eight main recycling bring bank sites, have been donated jointly by Tetra Pak, a packaging manufacturer, and the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment UK (‘ACE UK’).

Cartons are collected from the bring banks by States Works and delivered to Mayside Recycling where they are baled and made ready to be transported to the Orebro recycling mill in Sweden. The recovered material can be used in a whole host of different products, and those from Guernsey will go into making plasterboard liner.

More information can be found on the WashandSquash website to help drive forward carton recycling in the island and raise awareness of the campaign.

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