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Bus Users Group launches Bus Fares Questionnaire

June 30th, 2010 by Fergus

BUG, the Bus Users Group, has put a 10-question survey about the proposed 67% rise in Guernsey bus fares, onto the web.

“Given the short consultation period offered by the States of Guernsey Environment Department, the internet is the only way to canvass a broad slice of public opinion”, said BUG Coordinator, Fergus Dunlop.

Members of the public are asked to go to the BUG website to complete the questionnaire.

“We want hard evidence to build into our submission to the Environment Department, due by 9th July”, said Mr. Dunlop. “Maybe it’s unintentional, but this snap consultation period is ticking away before most islanders can respond”.

For additional information please contact: Bus Users Group – Coordinator – Fergus Dunlop on 07781 117980

About BUG

Bug is a Guernsey-registered charity, formed in November 2009, to foster enthusiasm for using Guernsey public transport. Its short-term objective is to double the number of people travelling on Guernsey Buses.

More details of the policy and the structure of the organisation are available by visiting the BUG home page.

Channel Island Co-operative Society Ltd. achieves 29% cut in electricity bill

June 30th, 2010 by Francis Binney

Cutting your electricity bill by nearly 30% may sound like no mean feat and many of us might ask the question – what sort of investment am I going to have to make to achieve this? But when the answer to that question is one that pays for itself within two years, the opportunity to save energy starts to look seriously attractive.

Jim Hopley, Chief Executive of the Jersey Co-Operative Society addressed Jersey Chamber Members at the June 2010 luncheon, giving a  presentation entitled ‘The Environment at the Heart of all our Activities’.

A packed audience were probably expecting to hear a mix of staff volunteering, green initiatives and the sponsorship of environmental projects. What they got instead was focused, practical information on how simple it can be to cost effectively cut energy use and carbon emissions while maintaining a high quality service. Mr. Hopley’s frank and open speech then went on to look at the issue of environmental sustainability, why – as local businesses and residents – we should all be involved in it and whose responsibility it is to drive it forward. He highlighted the fact that to date government efforts in the area of sustainability have only gone so far and, while initiatives such as Eco Active are great for engaging people and businesses, they do not have the power to push companies past the stage of just paying lip service to environmental issues.

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Bus Fare Increase not adequately thought through

June 30th, 2010 by Tony Webber

I write to comment on the exorbitant bus fare increases to take effect from 1st August 2010.

The interesting point is that it is a taste of things to come because it was a recommendation by Treasury and Resources‘ consultants Tribal Helm, who have argued it is an area of government waste.

It is also supported by the non-democratic Financial Transformation Executive, who like Tribal Helm, have a vested interest in such proposals being accepted.

As someone who has had a long history of advocating improved bus services at lower costs, I am dismayed at this backward step, and how little thought has been put into the consequences of this decision.

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Guernsey Tree Wardens celebrate third anniversary with Jon Stokes of the Tree Council

June 29th, 2010 by Richard Lord

Jon Stokes of The Tree Council joined Guernsey Tree Wardens to celebrate their third anniversary.  He gave an informal talk to the Guernsey Tree Wardens lunch on 29 June.  He told them he was a promoter of trees; he gave Guernsey’s Tree Wardens ideas on how to promote trees using marketing techniques to satisfy market demand while at the same time promoting the many benefits of trees.

Jon Stokes (centre, back row) of The Tree Council with some of the Guernsey Tree Wardens who attended the lunch meeting on 29 June to hear him speak

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Climate Change: the city solution

June 29th, 2010 by Richard Lord

On 1 June 2010 the LSE hosted a public presentation by Ritt Bjerregaard, Mayor of Copenhagen, Denmark on Climate Change: the city solution.

Copenhagen has promoted bicycling and low emissions zones.

The LSE has made available the presentation as a video and as a MP3 file.

Zero Carbon Britian 2030 – a new energy strategy

June 28th, 2010 by Yvonne Burford

The Centre for Alternative Technology produced their second report on Zero Carbon Britain 2030 – A new energy Strategy in June 2010. states that the report provides political and economic solutions to the urgent challenges raised by climate science, outlining how we can transform Britain into an efficient, clean, prosperous zero-carbon society.

Guernsey Bicycle Group workshop for Specsavers employees popular

June 28th, 2010 by Lindsay

Specsavers staff line-up to have their bicycles serviced by Guernsey Bicycle Group members

Members of the Guernsey Bicycle Group spent lunchtime on Tuesday 22 June 2010 at Specsavers head office helping staff members pump-up tyres, adjust gears and tighten brakes.

The bike workshop was organised by Lindsay de Sausmarez of Specsavers, as part of National Bike Week.

‘I heard so many people say they would cycle to work, but their bike has a flat tyre, or the brakes have seized up, or some other little problem that doesn’t quite justify a trip to the bike shop to get it fixed… So when Francis Paul, Chairman of the Guernsey Bicycle Group (GBG), mentioned that GBG would be happy to volunteer their time and mechanical expertise I thought it would be a hit!’

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e-si Solar Workshop on 21 June 2010

June 26th, 2010 by Paul Fletcher

Click on image to expand. Click right side of expanded image to make arrow appear to scroll through the slides.

To download the PDF file containing these slide images please click e-si Solar WorkShop Grid Connection 200610.

Guernsey Bus Users Group (BUG) responds to Environment Department’s Proposal to Increase bus fare

June 25th, 2010 by Fergus

The Bus Users Group responds to the proposal for a 67% hike in bus fares to commence on 10 August 2010.  The period of Public Consultation ends on 9 July.

“We have some sympathy for the proposed bus fare increase.  Guernsey bus fares are very low.  So, although we love the fares the way they are, as our on-line survey showed in January, in principle we were ready to be flexible.

We are glad also that the Ormer Card is to keep it’s big discount for frequent travellers.”

However, unfortunately, there is a trace of muddle about the States of Guernsey Environment Department’s bus fare increase proposal.

The evidence of the challenge is around us daily. Town’s car parks are crowded out by office workers who are either forced into early-morning camp-outs, or mid-morning parking clock fiddling. Commuters along the eastern sea-front suffer lengthy traffic jams.

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Cornish blackfish, Centrolophus medusophagus, caught off Lihou Island on 19 June 2010

June 25th, 2010 by Richard Lord

The Cornish blackfish, Centrolophus medusophagus, is a poorly known fish.  It is not uncommon at a depth of over 200 to 300 metres.  It is caught by trawlers working out of the west coast of Ireland, but to find one in a gill net set in 20 feet of water to the south of Lihou Island, off Guernsey’s west coast is a very unusual occurrence.

According to Fishbase the Cornish blackfish is distributed in the Eastern Atlantic from Iceland and Ireland to Morocco.  It is found also around the Azores and around Madeira, and in the western Mediterranean.  In the Western Atlantic it lives off the Grand Banks of Canada and all the way south to the state of North Carolina in the USA.

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