Travel Together Guernsey

May 2nd, 2010 by Richard Lord

Is a new Facebook Group to help Guernsey residents car share or find a cycling or walking companion

Many participants at The Guernsey Tomorrow exercise organised and run by the States of Guernsey Policy Council stated that rush hour commuter traffic was the most disagreeable aspect of island life.

Heavy traffic heading for the St. Peter Port waterfront at 9.20 am

St. Peter Port has 3000 public car parking spaces.  Everyday thousands of vehicles descend into Town and then leave again at night.  This leads to traffic congestion in the narrow St. Peter Port streets.

If we would commute to work by car sharing, using the bus, walking or cycling this would save us money, save us time, speed-up traffic flow, free-up car parking spaces, and improve air quality.

The Isle of Man and Jersey governments have set-up car sharing websites.  The Isle of Man has Journeymatch and Jersey has Travel Together.  More communities around the UK have set up car sharing websites, such as the Peterborough Car Share website.

Guernsey does not have a website to help people car share, or to help find walking and cycling companions.  For this reason a ‘Travel Together Guernsey’ Facebook Group has been set-up.  This group will only be successful if many Guernsey residents sign-up and look for Travel companions.  Sign-up to Facebook if you don’t have an account already or log-in and search for ‘Travel Together Guernsey’.

On the 3 June 2010 Gary Burgess of BBC Guernsey interviewed Peter Longworth about the Journeymatch scheme that operates in the Isle of Man.  Peter Longworth stated that residents who use the Journeymatch website to arrange car sharing save on average about £800 per year.

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  1. Peter Morgan

    Although now retired, I cycled to work in town for over 20 years, first from Torteval and latterly from the Forest. I would be only to happy to offer myself to accompany someone from this neck of the woods on a commute to town, dependent on my availability in this busy life of retirement!

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