The Guernsey Community Bag Partnership (GCBP)

May 19th, 2010 by Rosie

THE GUERNSEY COMMUNITY BAG PARTNERSHIP (GCBP) is a collaboration between the Guernsey Climate Action Network (G-CAN) and local retailers with the aim of encouraging shoppers to make the switch from disposable plastic carrier bags to reusable shopping bags.

Our long-term aim is to see an end to the free distribution of disposable carrier bags in Guernsey.

The purpose of this initiative is:

* to reduce the amount of waste entering the Mont Cuet landfill.

* to reduce the plastic pollution in our marine environment.

* to reduce the plastic bags that litter the island.

* to encourage more sustainable behaviour.

How are we doing it:

* Presentations to the retailers using film and slides to show the effects plastic bags are having on our local environment.

* Presentations to the public, schools and other organisations.

* Christmas 2010 campaign ‘Bring your bag shopping this Christmas’.

Plastic bags harm wildlife.  Many communities and countries have made efforts to reduce plastic bag use.

For further information please visit the Modbury plastic bag free website or the Salisbury City Residents Against Packaging (SCRAP).

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