Sticky: International Plastic Bag Free Day is 3 July 2010

May 27th, 2010 by Richard Lord

The International Bag Free Day website states that the aim of the nominated day is to make society aware of the over-consumption of plastic bags and disposable products and work towards developing more responsible and more environmentally friendly habits.

It is also a day to assess the results of the measures applied in different countries.

This year international organizations will join the initiative which will turn July 3rd into International Plastic Bag Free Day.

It will be a day of celebration, reflection and exchange of experiences around the world.

This initiative, which comes from Spain, provides some resources.

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  1. rosie dorey

    I have heard that the numbers of single use disposable plastic bags is creeping up again….. it would appear that people are getting used to paying the 5p charge…… maybe time to put the cost up again. This initiative for the 3rd July would be a good idea to remind everyone why there is a need to reduce our use of these bags. Shame that the website is almost impossible to read owing to extremely dodgy Spanish / English translations!

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