Safe Route to the Baubigny Schools – we’re almost there!

April 7th, 2010 by Pat Wisher

It’s been three long years but we are now close to getting the “off road” route to Baubigny Schools up and

running for the new school term in September.

The turning point was last December when we were finally given planning permission for the route through the vinery site with its safety improvements.

We need to build earth banks and clad and mesh a large bank of greenhouses which border the pathway. We also need to erect fencing and gates and plant some trees and generally tidy up the vinery site removing any hazards. Work will be starting very soon and we would welcome volunteers who could spare some time to help us. Please contact Pat on 268088.

Meanwhile our fund raising is going well. Twenty-two donations have now been received from local companies and from individual members of the public.

We are most grateful to the following companies for supporting the project and donating either practical

help or funds:

RG Falla


Barclays Wealth

Norman Piette


Butterfield Bank


NRG International

Trident Trust

Aon Insurance

OSA Recruitment

Guernsey Bicycle Group

Insurance Corporation

The Channel Islands Co-op


Guernsey Gas

Trust Corporation (CI) Ltd.


BDO Ltd.

Ernst & Young

For more information visit the Living Streets Guernsey website.

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