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April 7th, 2010 by Richard Lord is a network and knowledge sharing website.

Active Houses can be new-build or renovation. They can be homes, offices or public buildings.  Active House proposes a target framework for how to design and renovate such buildings that contribute positively to human health and well-being by focusing on the indoor and outdoor environment and the use of renewable energy.

ENERGY- Contributes positively to the energy balance of the building

An Active House is energy efficient and all energy needed is supplied by renewable energy sources integrated in the building or from the nearby collective energy system and electricity grid.

INDOOR CLIMATE – Creates a healthier and more comfortable life for the occupants

An Active House creates healthier and more comfortable indoor conditions for the occupants and the building ensures generous supply of daylight and fresh air. Materials used have a positive impact on comfort and indoor climate.

ENVIRONMENT – Has a positive impact on the environment

An Active House interacts positively with the environment by means of an optimised relationship with the local context, focused use of resources, and on its overall environmental impact throughout its life cycle.

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