Planting trees at St. Germain on 6 March 2010 will provide a range of benefits

March 5th, 2010 by Andrew McCutcheon

Islanders representing a range of interests will be coming together to plant trees at St. Germain Nature Trail this Saturday 6th March 2010.

The planting of trees will be a collaborative effort involving the Guernsey Building Trades & Employers Association (GBTEA) and the Vale Earth Fair (VEF) working together with the Guernsey Tree Warden Scheme who will help care for the trees, and the Guernsey Society of the Men of the Trees (MOTT) who are supplying the trees, materials and advice.

Mark Palfrey, who is President of GBTEA is looking forward to getting stuck in to the  planting and making a positive contribution to the environment.  “We are pleased to be able to support this initiative by providing a sustainable contribution to our community, which will be enjoyed by many islanders for years to come”.

The VEF has always attempted to minimise its impact on the environment, from hand sorting of waste to maximise recycling to using biodegradable cups, plates and utensils for the bar and food outlets. “Over recent years the Vale Earth Fair has grown hugely and this has resulted in a rise in fuel consumption, both in running the event and bringing people to the Island to perform,”  said Vale Earth Fair Collective member Errol Groves . “This project gives us an opportunity to offset the carbon footprint of our event – perhaps other events should consider doing the same.”

A mixture of around 150 native trees will be put in including Alder, English Oak, Birch, Lime and Ash and will add to the existing plantings around the nature trail which is managed by the Environment Department.

Richard Loyd, Chairman of MOTT, said  “The Men Of The Trees is delighted to help realise these two pro-active ideas, we actively encourage the use of tree planting for commemoration, carbon offset and many other events and are pleased to support these two worthwhile ventures. We are keen to offer assistance to anyone who may be thinking of using trees as a long lasting contribution to the Island and the environment”.

Location for Tree Planting: Saturday 6 March 2010 – from 11 am Rue St. Germain, Perry’s Reference P14-15 D/E2

Location for Tree Planting: Saturday 6th March 2010 from 11 am Rue St. Germain Perry's Reference P14-15 D/E 2 (click on map to expand)

For further details please contact Denise Quevatre of the States of Guernsey Environment Department on Tel: 717200.


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