A Safe Route to the Baubigny Schools

March 5th, 2010 by Pat Wisher

Living Streets is at a critical stage in this environmental project – we have just six months to raise sufficient funds and do all the safety work required to get this route up and running for the new term in September.

St. Peter Port Secondary finally closed its doors in July 2009.  250 pupils from St. Peter Port now have the much longer journey to Baubigny and their only option at the moment is the school bus.  Two thirds of St. Peter Port children used to walk or cycle to their school in the Ozouets and we want them to be able to continue to do so.  Walking is now out of the question because of the distance, but if we can get our proposed route up and running it will take students about 15-20 minutes to walk from Beetons to the back of the school campus where the gates will be opened morning and afternoon.  It’s a wonderful safe cycle route too – much safer than having to go via the Banques.

Mothers and children walk to St. Sampson Secondary school

We passionately believe that children should be able to walk and cycle to school (as we all did in the past!).  It’s healthy, its green, its sociable and it gives teenagers independence.  With the growing concern about obesity health professionals have emphasized the need for us all to do 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week.  Incorporating exercise into your daily routine must make sense – and what better way than the walk to work or school.  I am sure we all also want to reduce the impact of traffic on our roads – 50 children walking or cycling = one less school bus.

The walking route looking towards The Bowl

Our proposed route follows the existing footpaths and tracks through the green lung between St. Peter Port and St. Sampson.  It then goes along the edge of an 8 acre vinery site before entering the school grounds.  Living Streets is paying for the pathway through the vinery site and it is intended exclusively for St. Peter Port students.

We have spent almost a year waiting for planning permission for safety measures within the vinery site and now that permission has been granted we will be moving ahead quickly (funds permitting).  Again, Living Streets is having to pay for all the safety measures within the vinery site and we are very dependent on donations from Guernsey businesses.  We will also be looking for volunteers to help us (in order to keep the costs down) so if you have any spare time please contact me on 268088 or email: patwisher (at) cwgsy.net

Although we worked closely with several States Departments in the early stages of the project no departments have offered to help us with the funding for this environmental project – which is very disappointing.

So far we have two major sponsors – RG Falla, who are upgrading the whole route for us in order to make it more pedestrian friendly, and  Marks & Spencer who has given us a generous donation out of their plastic bag fund.  Other donations have been received from Norman Piette, HSBC and Butterfield Bank.  Further funds have been donated by The Guernsey Bicycle Group, NRG International, Rothschild, Intertrust, and BDO Novus.  Aon Insurance, Trident Trust and OSA Recruitment have done dress down days for us.  We have also received three private donations.  If you would like to support us with a donation (however small) please contact me on 268088 or email: patwisher (at) cwgsy.net

Please support this project which will benefit St. Peter Port children for generations to come.

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