Professor Paul Connett’s presentation at Beau Sejour on 23 February 2010

February 23rd, 2010 by Richard Lord

For a copy of the presentation by Professor Paul Connett’s on Zero Waste (24 megabytes), which he gave to a Beau Sejour audience on 23 February 2010 please click HERE

Professor Paul Connett on the Guernsey sea shore

Professor Paul Connett spoke to a packed Beau Sejour Leisure Centre theatre on the evening of the 23 February 2010 about sustainability and zero waste.

He outlined a ten point programme to aim for and try and achieve zero waste. He stated that landfilling and incineration of solid waste was not sustainable because it involved a linear process that required new raw materials to be extracted from the environment.

Zero waste was about returning spent materials to be re-used or recycled back to the manufacturing process.

The Ten Steps to Zero Waste

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