Living Streets meets on 18 February 2010 to discuss “Buses – routes to the future”

February 13th, 2010 by Richard Lord

The pedestrian safety group, Living Streets, with be holding its first meeting of 2010 on Thursday 18th February at 7.30 p.m. in the Emma Ferbrache Room at the PEH. Chair of Living Streets, John Gollop, will be leading the discussion on Guernsey’s bus service. John has a huge encylopaedic knowledge of Guernsey’s bus service past and present.

John Gollop says:  “We’re looking towards a greener and more integrated model of travel plans which would encourage much greater bus use and service improvements.”

Many Living Streets’ members rely on the bus service so this meeting will give everyone an opportunity to input into the discussion.  We hope that members of the new Bus Users Group will join us.

John Gollop:  “The re-launch of the bus services with new routes and new vehicles is now 10 years old.  We feel it’s time for a re-evaluation of the aims and goals, especially in view of the ambitious target to double bus use by the newly formed Bus Users Group and the impending review of bus services by the Environment Department.”

Following the meeting Living Streets will put forward some suggestions to the Environment Department.

Living Streets’ meetings are open to everyone and we would particularly welcome bus users (or non users) to join us to take part in this discussion.

Living Streets Chair: Deputy John Gollop

Living Streets Secretary: Mrs. Pat Wisher

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