A Presentation by Alan Watson: “Are the Suez Proposals a Safe and Sensible Option for Guernsey?”

February 9th, 2010 by Events

On 9 February 2010 chartered engineer Alan Watson gave a presentation on the Suez Environnement solid waste treatment facility proposal for Guernsey to a packed Harry Bound room at Les Cotils, St Peter Port.

The Audience attending Alan Watson's presentation ©RLLord

Mr. Watson examined the cost of the project, which in today’s money amounts to a total cost of about £260 million over 25 years. He showed that if the tonnage of waste entering the facility declined gate fees would have to increase appreciably. He questioned the volume of residual waste produced in Guernsey and whether it was all suitable for incineration. It included over 8000 tonnes of food waste and several thousand tonnes of non-combustible material. Mr. Watson also questioned the waste growth assumptions. He showed that incinerators only generate electricity efficiently in a narrow range of waste input they were designed for.

Alan Watson’s PowerPoint presentation is available for download.

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