Guernsey Environmental Policy Plan presentation by Chief Officer Steve Smith

January 27th, 2010 by Vanessa

Mr. Steve Smith, Chief Officer of Guernsey’s Environment Department, will present the States of Guernsey Environmental Policy Plan at the Frossard lecture theatre, Guernsey Museum, Candie Gardens at 7.30 pm on 27 January 2010.

Steve Smith speaking about Guernsey's Environmental Policy Plan

Last July the States of Guernsey debated, approved and fully endorsed Billet XVIII 2009 which presented the Policy Council’s strategic plans for three key areas of government, namely:

  • Fiscal & Economic Policy Plan
  • Social Policy Plan
  • Environmental Plan

The Environmental Policy Plan maps out a 25 year sustainable environmental strategy for Guernsey. This is important for our small island jurisdiction which is confronted with growing pressure to balance sustainability with the need for consuming resources.

Mr Smith will outline the Environmental Policy Plan and explain the range of activities necessary to achieve progress through shorter term ‘Action Plans’ – the first of which relates to 2009 – 2013.

For many of us who strive to promote sustainability and conserve Guernsey’s natural environment, bringing environmental consideration to the heart of government is welcome news.  However transforming ambitions into reality, relies on ongoing political will and the allocation of meaningful resources.

What will be needed is clear public support that demonstrates that Guernsey people care about the decisions our politicians make that affect our natural environment. We each share that responsibility. And the need to inspire others to do the same, will be more important than ever.

Please click States of Guernsey Environmental Policy Plan for a copy.

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