The Electric Vehicle Company in Guernsey

March 16th, 2009 by Richard Lord

Mark Parr’s The Electric Vehicles Company goes from strength to strength. The Guernsey company is now the research and development centre for converting a number of petrol powered cars to battery power. The cars will be converted to battery power in the UK by the Electric Car Corporation Plc.

The range of cars being converted from petrol to battery power has increased to four. Now it is possible to buy a battery powered Peugeot 107, a Citroën C1, a Fiat Panda, and a Smart EV.  A van conversion is also being performed for the States of Guernsey’s Environment Department.

Twenty-five lithium batteries power the Peugeot, the Citroën, and the Fiat Panda. These cars have a Guernsey price of £11992. The Smart EV sells for £14950 because the base cost of a Smart is higher.

The Electric Vehicles Company continues to make energy efficiency improvements with the Smart EV having achieved 86 miles on one charge. The average range is now 60 to 80 miles per charge.


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